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What’s Not Working:

Everyone’s on social media. Except your business.

Are you feeling like your business has been left behind?
Want to develop a social media presence but have no idea where to start?
Do you understand the importance of social media but don’t know how to get going?

Or are you already on social media but have no idea what to post? Those cat gifs don’t seem to be doing the trick…

Perhaps you’re on social media, posting regularly with content relevant to your audience. But you have no idea how to turn those social media posts into leads, customers, views on your website or even sales.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you get from socially awkward to socially awesome.

What We Can Do:

Good social media marketing starts with understanding who you audience is and what they want. We will work with you to identify your target audience and create a social media plan that will reach them.

This will involve identifying the right social media platforms for your business to be on and the type of content that will appeal the most for your target audience. We’ll figure out the right time of day to post and the optimum number of posts so your audience don’t get bored.

We will research your industry and competitors to get as much relevant information as we can so you are as competitive as possible.  

Oh and if you don’t have the time to implement all of this we offer a fully managed social media service. We’ve been at this a while so we have the knowledge and experience to bring your social media back to life.

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How We Work:

As with everything we always start with a ‘check up’ which in this case would entail a social media audit. We will look through your online presence and, if applicable, analyse your content and generate a report that will show you how to improve.

We will look at everything from social media reach to the types of content you are posting to the time of day you are posting.

What You’ll Get:

You will get a complete analysis of your industry and competitors with a full social media marketing plan detailing how to find and target your audience, generate more leads and sales and get more people visiting your website.

We’ll ensure that you are confident using social media and that you understand who your audience is – as well as the type of content to create in order to reach them.

Through our analysis you will understand the direct connection between posting on social media and generating leads and sales. You will know how to develop tailored content for each social media platform and how to streamline the process.

Remember – if you don’t have the time to give social media your full attention we offer a fully managed social media service.

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Explore our other services – it’s likely you’ll need a bespoke combination. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.
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From the complete redevelopment and rebranding of our website to the SEO work and social media marketing, Isua have provided excellent service ensuring our company was seen online.

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