A growing plant in a pot being watered from a watering can
A pair of glasses with springles
A heart rate monitor showing a pulse with springles
A growing plant in a pot
A three tier podium with a flag on the first position with springles
Shaking hands with hearts above

Get to know us

Mark West

Mark West

Founder and Chief Imagineer
With over 30 years IT and leadership experience, Mark's passion and skill is connecting people and businesses with the right tools and solutions to drive efficiency and business success.

Our collaborators

We work with a small group of amazing freelancers – who are all specialists in their own field.  Having a group of awesome experts we can work with on different projects allows us to offer joined-up solutions with a single point of contact for project continuity.

Olga Alexandru

Olga Alexandru

Super-charge your SEO and Marketing
When she's not producing amazing social media posts, you'll find Olga writing, crafting and cooking up produce from the allotment.
Abdul Waheed

Abdul Waheed

Custom code whizz
Abdul's a coding problem whizz - he's always able to find a way to bring to life the things we think up to solve clients problems.
Sharon Sutton

Sharon Sutton

Liven up your brand
A creative thinker and problem solver, always coming up with new ideas, fueled by copious amounts of tea.
Microphone with springles and leafs sprouting from the cord

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